Saturday Oct. 1


Time Room 1 Room 2
8:00 AMRegistration
9:00 AMMaking Custom Plugins Is Easy, and Why You Should Already Be Doing It Jeremy ScottContent Marketing 101 Perri Collins
9:45 AMContent Matters, Sharing It Matters More Stacey HarrisA World of Styling Tricks in Two Little Words: Body. Classes. Mary Baum
10:15 AM15 Minute Break
10:30 AMFive Ways to Get Legit Traffic for Your Site. Number Four Will Shock You! Ash RhodesEstablishing a Workflow for Distributed Design Teams Cory Jenkins
11:15 AMUsing WordPress to Power a P2P E-Commerce Brand Mike JonesYou Can Make Templates Look Good John Gough
11:35 AMHow Your WooCommerce Store Can Compete With Amazon and Win! Cody LandefeldWhy Open Matters Aaron Campbell
11:55 AMFood Truck Lunch
1:30 PMKeynote: Democratizing Inspiration Chris Klosowski
2:20 PMThe UX Design Success Ladder: Climbing from Functional to Meaningful Ward AndrewsThe Human Side of the Web Tanya Moushi
3:15 PMMaximize Your Workflow & Business Automation Alex Vasquez, Scott Buscemi, Brandy LawsonDevelop and Deploy Outside the Repo Andy Fragen
3:55 PMWordPress DevOps with Composer Edwin SmithHow Social Media & Your WordPress Website Work Together Giselle Aguiar
4:30 PMThe Ultimate Security Checklist for WordPress Sites Emanuel CostaChanging the World One YOLO at a Time Joshua Brown
5:05 PMSaturday Closing Remarks
5:15 PMEnd Saturday Sessions
6:30 PMPARTY: Phoenix Public Market