Fly Plugins

Fly Plugins develops premium WordPress plugins with a focus on educational and training content delivery, including the popular WP Courseware learning management system extension.

With over 20,000 installations since inception, WP Courseware has helped entrepreneurs, corporate training departments, and higher education institutions effectively deliver course content to hundreds of thousands of students. The plugin includes dozens of features to allow WordPress developers to easily build full-featured courses with course navigation, student management, comprehensive quiz creation features, completion certificates, and much more.

Fly Plugins is also the shop behind the S3 Media Maestro plugin which allows developers to stream their Amazon S3-hosted content in a streamlined and secure fashion. With direct Amazon S3 and CloudFront integration, S3 Media Maestro users are able to deliver S3-hosted media through encrypted and expiring links to their files, while CloudFront integration utilizes one of the most widely-used CDNs in the world to provide an efficient media experience no matter where your users are located.

To learn more about our company and products, please visit our WP Courseware or S3 Media Maestro product pages.