Meet Our Master Builders: GoDaddy Pro



For WordCamp Phoenix to snap into place, it takes a strong foundation built by master builders. The generous support of our sponsors helps make WordCamp Phoenix possible and affordable. We’re immensely grateful for GoDaddy Pro’s support, and we’d love to tell you a little about what they do.

GoDaddy Pro provides premium hosting for designers, developers and studios to launch client sites. Focus on building websites and save on the time-consuming process of on-boarding and hosting new clients.

Using GoDaddy Pro you can shop for clients, monitor and access accounts from a single GoDaddy account, track expenses and receive specialized 24/7 support for designers and developers.

A number of plans are available, including cloud, virtual and dedicated solutions, all with special perks like member-only discounts. invites to industry events and special pricing on GoDaddy products.

Learn more about GoDaddy Pro.