Meet Our Master Builders: BoldGrid



For WordCamp Phoenix to snap into place, it takes a strong foundation built by master builders. The generous support of our sponsors helps make WordCamp Phoenix possible and affordable. We’re immensely grateful for BoldGrid’s support, and we’d love to tell you a little about what they do.

BoldGrid is an intuitive WordPress-powered drag-and-drop site builder that empowers beginners and professionals to produce stunning websites. BoldGrid offers a powerful, free GPL-plugin without support, as well as premium support on their official hosts.

BoldGrid has powerful customization tools to create highly-custom and SEO-optimized websites without writing any code.

They also offer powerful tools like built-in staging, so you can test and publish changes to your live site with confidence, and integrations with Flickr and Fotolia to put beautiful images just a few clicks away.

Learn more about BoldGrid.