Meet Our Master Builders: FlexiDB

For WordCamp Phoenix to snap into place, it takes a strong foundation built by master builders. The generous support of our sponsors helps make WordCamp Phoenix possible and affordable. We’re immensely grateful for FlexiDB’s support, and we’d love to tell you a little about what they do.

WordPress can do anything, but building custom solutions for a website or web application often requires hiring a developer. Or, just use FlexiDB.

Official-FlexiDB-slogan-1FlexiDB offers powerful, intuitive and visual tools for designing databases to rapidly deploy powerful, custom and secure applications.

The days of spreadsheets are behind you when you use FlexiDB to gather and maintain information. Handle customer data and build custom websites exactly as you envision them, without adapting your ideas to existing WordPress plugins.

FlexiDB databases power custom solutions for websites and mobile applications alike, empowering both developers and non-technical users to rapidly launch safe and scalable products.

To learn more, visit