Meet Our Master Builders: Sucuri

For WordCamp Phoenix to snap into place, it takes a strong foundation built by master builders. The generous support of our sponsors helps make WordCamp Phoenix possible and affordable. We’re immensely grateful for Sucuri’s support, and we’d love to tell you a little about what they do.

070715_Sucuri_DarkBackground_MediumSpread over a dozen countries, Sucuri has assembled a brilliant team to protect websites with comprehensive support, malware removal, hack protection and peace of mind. Their security researchers investigate emerging and ever-evolving threats to websites and web applications.

Among their services are continuous scanning and monitoring, 24/7/365 protection for brute-force, denial of service and automated attacks, custom firewall solutions and professional service. Sucuri offers solutions for individual businesses as well as agencies that manage websites for their customers. Rest easy without the worry of PR nightmares, embarrassing data breaches and costly downtime.

To learn more, visit them at