A Big Thanks to Jonny Ashcroft, Our Designer



Part of the Phoenix identity is the nomadic nature of Valley residents, drawing people from all walks of life for a season, years or decades.

Our designer, Jonny Ashcroft, relocated to Portland a few short years ago, but in true Phoenician spirit he’s kept roots in The Valley’s artist and cycling communities and graciously volunteered to help revive WordCamp Phoenix this year.

Our beautiful logo, brand palette, event banners and eye-catching t-shirts are all thanks to Jonny’s efforts. We’re humbled to join his other clients which include Facebook, Microsoft, UPS, The ACLU, American Express, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Fast Company.

Jonny is the Senior Designer for Factory North, a full-service brand and design studio and freelance illustrator. In 2012, Jonny was recognized by Phoenix New Times with their Big Brain Award, an award to honor exceptional and emerging Phoenix artists.  Find his work at www.jonnyashcroft.com.